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Best Personal Loan Provider for All Your Finance Problems

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

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Laws of Attraction Part IX

Friday, May 14th, 2010

How to Raise Your Attraction Potential

The laws of attraction are clear; the choice of a mate is best determined by their ability to survive; once again, however, this is not the only factor to be considered when determining a human match. This leaves a great deal of leeway for the individual who has never quite been able to find their niche with the opposite sex. There are a few techniques that can be employed to exponentially raise their potential attraction.

1. Dress for success. It is very easy to forget over the course of a day that the way a person presents themselves is going to determine the opinion that others have of them. By selecting clothes that are comfortable but fit well and are in a style and color that are flattering to their appearance anyone, regardless of their preferred taste in clothes, can convey a positive impression to members of the opposite sex.

For those individuals who have never taken the time to discover what looks good on them, this is the time to do so. A clerk at any retail clothing shop will be happy to select clothing that will match the specific needs of their customers, and many have been in the business so long that they have developed a skilled eye for color and style. They are happy to loan their experience to ensuring that their customers put their best foot out the door-and bring their business back.

2. Develop a hobby. All too often in today’s busy society our lives revolve around our work. This does not give us a great deal to converse with other people about. By developing a hobby the possibility of carrying on an interesting conversation increases exponentially. In addition, it will ensure that the other party in question know that the person they are dating has a well rounded personality and the ability to have fun. There is no worse reputation to develop on the dating market than that of a staid workaholic who is incapable of having a good time.

3. Keep up on current events and make an attempt to keep a hand in with all local events. Again, this will provide excellent conversation fodder and will prevent you from finding yourself sitting in a group at a social occasion without having a clue what the rest of the group is talking about.

4. Smile! By smiling and presenting a confident appearance when you first approach members of the opposite sex you will be creating an image of yourself as someone they want to get to know. Once they believe you are someone that they want to get to know, 3/4 of your battle is over. They will naturally seek out more information about you, and you will be well on your way to enjoying a mutually satisfactory relationship.

5. Attempt to place yourself in unfamiliar (but not uncomfortable) situations. This will serve the dual function of help you to become more comfortable in any situation as well as helping you to meet other people; there is nothing that attracts attention (in a positive way) than asking someone to show you the ropes of your current environment.

By utilizing all of these tricks you will guarantee that you will never find yourself at a loss for companionship again.

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