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How to Prepare For CLAT Exam

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

How to Prepare For CLAT ExamMany students who need to pursue a career in Law when category XII seems for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) for five year integrated BA LLB Courses. There initial question is a way to Prepare for CLAT? Here are some tips to organize for CLAT Entrance Exam.

Understanding the Syllabus and Pattern of the Exam: Pattern of CLAT for Undergraduate Programmed:

Total Marks: two hundred Total Questions: two hundred Subject Areas (Syllabus):

1. English together with Comprehension: forty Marks

2. General Knowledge/Current Affairs: fifty Marks

3. Elementary Mathematics: twenty Marks (Numerical ability)

4. Legal GK: forty five Marks (Pattern modified for CLAT 2009 No Legal Reasoning are going to be there)

5. Logical Reasoning: forty five Marks

Steps to organize for CLAT:

1. Prepare some sample papers to grasp regarding the pattern and syllabus for the exam.

2. Begin reading an honest quality newspaper daily, to enhance your vocabulary and reading speed.

3. Scan a magazine like CSR or FRONTLINE to hide current happenings GK stuff.

4. Begin fixing efforts for 3-4 hours to organize different subjects.

5. Prepare some Previous Year Sample Papers for CLAT.

How to prepare for various Sections of CLAT:

Prepare for General Knowledge: you may have observed that GK carries fifty Marks (25%). it’s important to be well verse with GK. this is often how:

1. Scan some sensible Newspaper just like the Hindu.

2. Subscribe to a competitive Magazine like Competition Master or CSR.

3. Search the net for up to date news.

4. Be part of a Law connected web site like CLAT Guru for up to date updates on Legal GK.

5. Hear News Everyday.

Prepare for Legal GK: Legal GK is one amongst the toughest elements and carries forty five Marks. There’s no straightforward method however this might help:

1. Scan all news regarding charge and law.

2. Search the net for law news.

3. Suppose logically whereas reading news regarding how choices are created by courts.

Prepare for Reasoning: Reasoning is a straightforward element and carries forty five Marks. Follow these points to enhance your skills

1. Get an honest book for reasoning topics.

2. Observe lots.

3. Undergo some sample queries.

4. Solve as several queries as you will in minimum attainable time.

Prepare for English: English is a very important half and carries forty Marks. It ought to be taken seriously.

1. Get an honest book like high school Grammar by Wren and Martin.

2. Lay stress on Grammar and Reading.

3. Undergo some sample queries.

4. Try and increase your reading speed.

Prepare for Math: Math carries minimum marks (40) however is needed. Solely observe will assist you crack this.

1. Learn all the algebraic formulas.

2. Work on industrial Math topics like share, profit and loss.

3. Avoid using calculator; it’ll increase your calculation speed.

4. Solve as might sample exercises as attainable.

H-2A Visa to Help Employers Get Agricultural Workers

Friday, May 18th, 2012

H-2A Visa

H-2A Visa

H-2A Visa is made to serve the employers’ need on foreign workers. The visa is giving employees to get a chance to work in US agricultural job when there is no US workers available that time. The visa is the entrance for the employees to be temporary workers in US. The visa is valid for one year and it can be renewed for maximal three years. The workers will have a non-immigrant status when they are holding H-2A Visa. There are some basic requirements that should be fulfilled by the workers to hold H-2A Visa.

The first requirement is the worker can only work in the nature-based jobs or anything related to agriculture. Second, the visa can only be used if there is not enough US workers to do the job. This visa will be used if the employers are unable to find available, qualified and willing US workers that can do the job. Third, the jobs that can be done by the workers are not the jobs that can affect the working condition and wage of other US workers in the similar industry. From the requirements, it is clear that the H-2A Visa is only made for workers whose function is to give extra assistance in agricultural job without affecting the job of US workers.

If an employer needs an extra support, then he should meet some requirements. The employers should submit a petition to the DOL or Department of Labor. This petition is used to give evidence that there is not enough US workers to help him or there isn’t any willing and qualified workers to support him on the agriculture work. The employers should do some search on US workers first by looking for them through radio or newspaper. When the labor certification is approved by DOL, the employer should fill in Form I-129 with USCIS. After that, the employer should find prospective workers outside US and apply to the US embassy consulate in the foreign country. Visit