How To Find The Right Lawyer

How To Find The Right LawyerIt can be so difficult to find a good lawyer. There are lots of lawyers who will take your money and run. There are lots of lawyers who will not give you the time of day. There are lots of lawyers who are too busy to give you the time your case needs. There are lots of lawyers who are not experts in a particular subject matter but are willing to take your case anyway. The fact is, there are good lawyers and bad. Finding a good lawyer is key.

For example, I recently was trying to find a good immigration lawyer. I am an exchange student in the United States from Spain and I am interested in becoming a citizen here. I needed someone I could trust. It would so greatly impact the rest of my life. Thankfully, I found a great immigration law firm on Google. You can check out their website here. I read the reviews and knew they were a great company. I am very happy with the resolution I achieved with that firm.

A few months ago I needed a lawyer for another situation as well, however, this situation was a bit more serious. It was a criminal case and I needed a really competent attorney. A few friends and I had a bit too much to drink and unfortunately I got a DWI while driving through Plano, TX. I needed a good Plano DWI lawyer, and fast. A friend referred me to They got my DWI dismissed and now I am in the clear. The price was pretty reasonable as well. Referrals are a great way to find a lawyer as well.

One other resource that you can use is a lawyer directory. I have had success with It’s a human edited directory and the lawyers on that site are usually very high quality.

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